Splashing Flyers started its journey during the 2005 season. Although faced with many challenges in its beginning stages, a small core of  paddlers was formed under the name Drag'N'Wings. In 2008, the name was changed to Splashing Flyers Hitting Dragon, eventually condensing to Splashing Flyers.

Splashing Flyers has medaled in almost every race entered in since 2007. One of the greatest feats has been finishing third in the 500m final at the 2010 Long Beach Spring race. Although the team had won gold in other races, this race was a milestone as it was against the top teams of the Southern California Dragon Boat Club (SCDB), a recreational club that the Flyers is a proud member of. 

Many of the paddlers on the team are Northrop Grumman employees, mixed in with a diverse group of men and women from other companies and different professions from all over Southern California. As time moves on, the team continues to grow, attend more practices and races, and build stronger relationships with old and new friends.

Splashing was once known as the "party" team, eating donuts and pies before practices to weigh down the hangovers (usually every Sunday). Nothing has changed, minus the donuts and pies. Since upgrading to a Division II team in 2010, the Flyers have no choice other than to get better and go faster!  To join a practice, sign up for one of the newbie events listed on https://www.meetup.com/Splashing-Flyers-Dragon-Boat-Team/.

GO GREEN MACHINE!! Paddle harder now!! Party harder later!!

In 2009, the Splashing Flyers hosted the 1st Annual SCDB Bowling Invitational Trophy Cup with three dragon boat teams. Being a success for this first gathering and team fundraiser, it is now open to any dragon boat team and is now a yearly gathering event for dragon boat teams during the off season. Naturally, the Splashing Flyers won the cup the first year, with over 20 bowlers from the team representing.


Portland, Oregon 


Long Beach, CA 


  Long Beach, CA 

2015 Splashing flyers


   Baby Long Beach 


  Our Furious 7 representing in the "Paddle for Life" dragon boat festival in Vancouver, Wash with Team Skittles. Great job Flyers on all that bling! Great job Team Skittles. Photo courtesy Khiet Vi Long.

2013 splashing flyers with new york's vitasoy

  Long Beach, CA  

2012 Splashing flyers

   Las Vegas, Nevada 

2011 Splashing Flyers


2010 Splashing Flyers, Splashing Thunder

Long Beach, CA

Splashing Thunder
mens and womens team for Lake Gregory  


2009 Splashing Flyers aka Splashing Flyers Dragonboat Racing


2008 Splashing Flyers aka Splashing Flyers Hitting Dragon


2007 Splashing Flyers aka Drag'N'Wings

logo acknowledgement

Special thanks to our friends of the Daybreak Rotary Club of Fort Dodge for permission to use the dragon for our logo. They host  the Badger Lake Dragon Boat Bash held every year at Badger Lake, located 4.5 miles north of Fort Dodge, Iowa.